Friday, June 10, 2005

Lest you should lose hope....

I apologize for taking over a month to make a new post. I hope you all haven't lost faith in me.
I don't have anything brilliant to say so I'll update on what is going in with me. First, though, if you are checking out this blog occasionally, especially if you are a friend, could you please let me know because in one week, my life is going to kick into high gear, schedule-wise, and I need to know if and who I would be letting down if I didn't write, at least occasionally. Thanks ever so much.


1. I got the job as a lifeguard at the college pool this summer, in case no one knew. I am really excited but nervous, as is everyone who starts a job. But it will be fine. I was noticing how a lot of high school grads, etc., are going to do basically menial jobs this summer like cashiering or working at a fast-food restaurant and I will be taking on the tremendous responsibility of keeping hundreds of people safe in the water. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea afterall...(I am only kidding.)

2. I have had two old friends come back into my small sphere, one for a while hopefully and the other for a brief moment in time.
I went to my childhood best friend's grad party. We split ways about 4 years ago when I was lead by God to confront her about the way she was living her life. She got angry and we haven't spoken since. But she sent me an invite to her graduation and party, I assume as a gesture of a friendship remembered so I prayed about it and went to her party. My heart was beating really, really hard as I pulled up to the house I remember so well. The memories came flooding back...yadda yadda yadda. I won't bore you with the details. Anyway, she was obviously still icy towards me even though she appreciated my effort. But that was what God wanted me to do.
I won't go into telling you about the other friend but I am glad they are back, at least for now.

Nothing else exciting is happening, which is wierd. Maybe it is the calm before the storm.......

Keep up the faith. You can be sure that if I know you, I am praying for you. You can withstand the might of the temptations surrounding you, with God's help.

My sister gave a cute little card to my mom and for the sake of encouragement and a little smile, I'll close with what it said. (I has a picture of a little lamb, dressed in armor, on the cover, valiantly holding up a shield against an onslaught of arrows.)

"The enemy is busy, busy, busy." Inside, there is a picture of the same lamb, with its shepherd standing next to it protecting it. It says, "But the Shepherd is faithful, faithful, faithful."

I am SO greatful for His faithfulness.