Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Quote of the Month-Ben Franklin

Many people do not realize this but our nation is facing the onslaught of legislation known as "Hate Laws". This will make criminals of Christians when they speak against any minority such as homosexuals. Please visit www.hatelawsexposed.org to see what you can do. Join the fight and stay free. These new laws will affect EVERYONE.

"A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins."

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Is THIS Really What The Feminists Fought For?

In this age of rampant porn and woman abuse, it makes me wonder-if the feminists of the early 1900's were alive today, would they regret what they fought for? Would they try to undo the eternal damage that has been done to the female image? I think so. This is why:
Look back to the 1900's. What did the feminists give us that is entirely good? Well, they helped to give us the right to vote, which is great. They fought for certain equal rights which is good. This is good but I am at a loss for what else is ENTIRELY good that they gave us. However, I can think of a lot of other things that have turned really, really bad that they are also responsible for.
  1. They fought for the woman's right to have an abortion. This is the worst of their crimes. It is not the woman's right to choose to abort after she has conceived. It is the female's choice before she has sex, before she chooses to open herself to the possibility of conceiving. Thereafter, she has no choices. (Unless she would die if she were to carry to full term, it is NOT her decision to take someone else's life into her own hands and end it.) There are thousands of couples out there waiting for a child of their own. How dare one woman assume that simply because SHE doesn't want her baby, no one does.
  2. They fought for the rights to wear men's clothing a.k.a. pants. Actually, I appreciate this. I like not having to spend 2 hours buckling petticoats and lacing corsets. But this style has been blown out of proportion and has resulted in the wide-spread idea that it is just great to dress sensually and immodestly . Young girls walk around in belly shirts and low-rise hip-huggers since they have foolish parents and it is "in-style." Teenage girls have sex and get pregnant partly because their low, cleavage-baring, and mid-riff showing shirts and tight pants that are simply too suggestive and "come-hither" for their hormone-driven boyfriends. Where is the beautiful modesty of women? What happened to the mystery and beauty that surrounded marriage? There are no secrets left. Pornagraphy has filled in the blanks.
  3. They fought for equality with men. In God's scheme of things, we, the females, are not helpless, we are helpers. We are important links but we are not THE link. The men are the warriors, the heroes, the "bread-getters." This "equality" has resulted in a shabby respect for men, an over-cropping of masculine, dominant women. This is NOT God's way.

I am NOT thankful for most of what the feminists have done. There is so much more evil that has resulted from this siege of anti-Biblical, anti-God, ideas. Well, I am different. I have respect for the men in my life that deserve it. I am a strong young woman. I will need an even stronger man to balance me. I am walking in God's way. And I think that the feminists of the early 19oo's would be shocked. They would gasp in horror and wondering what skewed their plans......Simple. Sin did. It is Satan's plan. Men were created in the image of God in the Garden of Eden, women were created as helpers to the men. Destroy God's image of masculinity...set women on the throne... and everyone is just plain messed up.

My final note: Follow God's plan, live in peace and joy and marital and domestic happiness (this of course is providing that you pick either a strong Christian man for a husband or a strong Christian female for a wife.)

Satan's plan will and has screwed everything up but God's plan, the right one, will set everything right....

Monday, December 06, 2004

A Photo by Me

Flower Fades, but the Word of God stands forever

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Jericho: Is the Biblical Story Fact or Fiction?

The ancient city of Jericho was located 6 miles from the Jordan River and about 10 miles northwest of the Dead Sea. Jericho was a very prosperous city with a large spring inside of its walls and a fertile plain surrounding it. A major east-west road ran next to the city and then intersected with the Jordan River, “making Jericho a strategic crossroads.”
The city was humanly impregnable. It had massive inner and outer walls surrounding about nine acres of land. The outer stone retaining wall of the city was about 12-15 feet high with a mud brick wall on top of it. The mud brick wall was 6 feet thick and about 20-26 feet high, resulting in a retaining wall that was roughly 6 feet wide and 32-41 feet high.
The main dwelling area was inside the second wall, similar to the first mud brick wall but higher. What made this wall seem so much larger was that it was on top of an embankment. Jericho was basically built on top of a huge mound or “tell”. This all loomed over the Israelites during their march around Jericho.
There were about 200 people per acre inside of the second wall, which surrounded 6 acres. This means that there were about 1,200 people living inside the second wall. There were also many people living between the first and second wall. They were substantially poorer however. We know this because the homes inside the second wall were more expensive since they were the safest from enemy attack. But in time of war, these people would flee to the inner city for sanctuary. So there were several thousand people inside of Jericho when the Israelites began their 7-day siege.
Jericho was very well prepared for a siege. They had a spring inside their walls and they had just harvested their crops. They could have lasted a siege for perhaps several years. But the siege that resulted in the destruction of the “world’s safest city” lasted only seven days, as the Bible tells us.
An archeologist by the name of John Garstang carried out excavations in the 1930’s. He discovered two very important things.
1) The Bible tells us in Joshua 3:15 that the Canaanites had just harvested their crops. This was backed up by Garstang’s discovery of entirely full jars of carbonized grain, meaning that the siege of Jericho was a very, very short one. Also why was the grain still present? Grain was very valuable and was always plundered by the conquering army. The Bible gives us the answer in Joshua 6:24. God commanded the Israelites to take nothing from the city except the valuable metals, gold, etc., and dedicate them to the Lord.
2) The Bible tells us in Joshua 6:20 that the walls “fell down flat”. He also discovered that the walls of the city had fallen outward, not inward as should have happened if under siege or under the decaying influence of time.
And what about Rahab’s home? Did any archeologists discover something to prove her existence? The answer is yes.
A German archeologist team carried out an excavation in 1907-1909. They discovered that a portion of the lower city wall did NOT fall down when the rest of the walls did. That portion was still standing to a height of over eight feet. What is even more fascinating is that there were houses built against that portion of wall. It is highly likely that that is where Rahab’s house was. The city wall formed the back wall to these homes and the portion of the wall was very close to the hills of Judean wilderness where the Bible tells us the spies hid for three days in Joshua 2:16, 22.
What about the destruction of the city by fire? Did archeologists also discover proof of this? And again, yes.
An archeologist named Kathleen Kenyon carried out an excavation in 1952-1958. What she discovered entirely backed up the Bible’s story:
“The destruction was complete. Walls and floors were blackened or reddened by fire, and every room was filled with fallen bricks, timbers, and household utensils; and in most rooms the fallen debris was heavily burnt, BUT the collapse of the walls of the eastern rooms seems to have taken place BEFORE they were affected by fire.”
On a final note, Kathleen Kenyon claimed that Jericho fell around 1550 B.C. Her study has had a huge effect on the scholarly world. BUT, Dr, Bryant Wood discovered that “Kenyon’s analysis was based on what was NOT found at Jericho rather than what was found.” She looked for a certain type of imported pottery from that time period and when she didn’t find it, she assumed. However, Dr. Bryant discovered two things.
1) He found that Kenyon excavated in a poor section of town where they could not have afforded such imported pottery to begin with.
2) Also, he discovered that she HAD found indigenous pottery that dates precisely to the time of the biblical conquest of the city but had inexplicably ignored it. She also overlooked the fact that other predecessors had found such pottery and also Egyptian amulets that date to the time of the destruction of Jericho by the Israelites.
Therefore, archeologists have yet to find and prove anything that speaks against the biblical timeline of Jericho’s fall. When archeology is looked at objectively, everything in conjunction to the biblical story of Jericho’s demise that can be proved archeologically has been proved. The Bible remains the speaker of facts when Jericho is the subject.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Why the Social Stigma?

Why has our culture elevated the status of models to such an extreme? Why do we normal females feel so inferior to their standards? Why do we feel the need to starve ourselves and change our faces to fit into a cookie cutter ideal? This has been such an amazement and an hardship for me. I once felt the overwhelming desire to look like them. I may have been blessed with a bit of height but I have also been blessed with a curvy, feminine body. It has taken me a while to see the good side of this and I have learned much about the true life of models.
They have to eat very restrictively, resulting in physical pain and mental depression. They have to sacrifice any morals they may have in order to get more photo shoots and magazine spreads to elevate their status in their own community of unreasonable goals. A few of these women were born with lithe, slender bodies and tall frames. But many of them have subjected their bodies to rigorous exercises in order to lose weight that their bodies really can't spare and in order to fit into size 0 costumes.
They aren't ever really content. They can't be. God designed the female body to be a delight to the eyes. The bone thin idea of beauty is unrealistic and unattractive. We have only accepted this as beauty because the skewed media has presented it as so. God did not plan for this reconstruction of the perfect ideal of the female body.
Many former models have come to realize the stupidity and unrealisticness of these standards. They have let their bodies return to their natural body weight, and yet have continued in their line of work. The media calls them the "plus size" models. Why? They are what they should be. "A la natural" models. They are helping to return us females to our roots and the way that God means for us to be. Happy, content, and right at our natural weights. Not bone thin and on starvation diets....