Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Laughing cause there's no good reason to cry....

I'm doing SO much better. That's cause all this drama that has enveloped my week involved a guy who is SUCH a gentleman and he made everything better by being there for me and being my friend. It's sad that there can't be anything else but I know that this is best and that's the best decision I can make right now....don't ask for better than my 110% best.

All's well when God is at the helm of the ship, that's what my motto is. I think this would be TEN times harder if we weren't friends but we are and I don't think that either of us would want to risk losing something as good as our honest friendship.

I am writing a sad poem called, "Nature Mourns." Sometimes, when I am sad, I can write really good poetry (at least good for me.) Sometimes, when I am sad, the saddness is too strong for me to think creatively and it all has to wait behind the curtain for act two-which is now, when that creative sadness emerges to take center stage. When I finish my poem, I will put it on my blog so keep checking for it. But remember, my poetry almost always expresses my feelings stronger than they actually are or were. Sometimes, my poems hit the nail on the head. But I think that this poem will fall in the middle-keep that in mind.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Laughing to keep from crying...

I have had the worst past 24 hours. I don't really know how it all went downhill this fast but it did. If I stay in perspective-which I really really need to- I haven't had it too bad. But compared to the rest of my short life, it was PRETTY bad. Massive guy drama, school, and about 4 hours of sleep through it all-so yep, I'm dealing with a stress level I have never dealt with before.

Oh well. God is helping me to grow!!!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Knowledge in My Brain, Wind in My Hair, Sunglasses on My Face, Me on My Horse

That title sums up yesterday. It was EXHILIRATING. I went to the Design Science Association meeting in the morning instead of going snowboarding (cause it is below zero on the mt.) and went horseback riding on Ariel in the afternoon. We may not get President's Day off at the college but I got to ride Ariel on Saturday so I am happy.
The DSA meeting was so good because the speaker talked about how worldviews effect our culture. He talked about monism, biblical theism, evangelical humanism, naturalism, and I forget the last worldview but it was SO good.
Then I went riding: Becki rode on Bunny and I rode on Ariel. At the end, Ariel and I ran up and down the pasture (she goes 40 mph for her top speed but she's out of shape now.) I loved every minute of it!
This morning I slept in till 10:30 so I have a lot of homework to catch up on. Just letting you know how everything is going!

God is so good. He has given me every GOOD desire of my heart. Rightly is He to be praised.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So frustrated!!!

I was just in writing class. The first half of the class was a good discussion between the teacher and one of the students. While it was good, it is writing class-we should be talking about writing! Anyway, then she gave us an article about Sally Ride, the first female astronaut in the USA, and about her efforts to encourage girls to be as good if not better than guys. It seems like my teacher has a total agenda. She is teaching the wrong class if she wants to reorganize our ethics. I had a lot to say about the article but we didn't have time today so we are going to continue discussion of the article next class. That is probably good because I was so worked up about how over dramatized the feminist movement is. Whatever. Now I am going to go to work...

Oh yeah! Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Valentines' Day!!

"True Love For You"
A Poem by Me

When you're smiling,
I want to make you laugh.
When you're crying,
I want to drive the tears away.
When you're singing,
I want the world to be mute, and listen.
When you're running from life,
I want to hold your hands and stop the fear.
When you're dancing,
I want to be the music that lifts your feet.
When your arms are empty,
I want to fill them with myself.
When you think of true love,
I want you to think of me.

I wrote this on February 3rd. I wasn't writing it with anyone particular in mind, just being romantic. Maybe how I would want some guy to feel about me, and me about him. But there is no one like this for me, not yet.
Leave me a comment and tell me how you like it. If you want to read other poems I have written, go to www.christianpoetry.org and look under their poets for my name. I think I have about five or six poems there. Or you can try to find them in the archives of this blog.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That is that.

I met a guy, we liked each other, I witnessed to him, he got mad, he isn't speaking to me. I guess I should just expect this to happen no matter what guy I meet. Oh well, it was God's will.
I just got out of math class. I am in the library surrounded by gruesome pictures on the walls by post-modern art students. Also around me are hundreds of souls who Christ needs to reach. Where to start? Well I don't know so I will wait for the Holy Spirit; He hasn't let me down so far...

I guess a good place to start is the guy who just waved to me. He comes to lap swim on Tuesdays and Thursday and Allison swears he likes me. I wish no guy (till the perfect guy) would like-like me ever again. But I suppose that that is one way to reach people for Christ.

I have to go teach at the pool. Oh, yeah, pray for Mike. He is in one of my classes. We talked yesterday and he may come work at the pool this summer if they hire him. He is a really nice guy, not my type, but a nice guy. Well, I really do need to go now. Sorry this posting was so random, if you know me at all you will be able to make some sense of it and understand my train of thought a little.

The last thing is that I am so totally bummed because I did 5 extra hours of homework last night, writing a memo that isn't due till next week. Oh well, at least it is done and I don't have to worry about it.