Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday, May 06, 2005

Critical Thoughts on "Star Wars: Episode III"

I was reading The Oregonian, which is probably the most liberal, widely-spread newspaper in Oregon, and I stumbled across an article about "Star Wars: Epsiode III." Even they knew that something wasn't entirely right about the newest installment of the Star Wars trilogy, which is proudly toting the trilogy's first-ever PG-13 rating.

The rating and the cause for it is precisely the reason for my outrage and henceforth, my spewing forth of criticism in this humble blog.

The Oregonian opened its article saying that basically, this episode is the darkest and most demonic of them all. They went on to describe the brutal bloodbathes and maulings that take place during the film as Darth Vader takes revenge on his former allies.

Excerpts from:

Dark Side: Last 'Star Wars' Movie Not for Kids?
By David Germain
Associated Press
"The action is relentless and includes sequences more dark and disturbing than anything previously seen in the tragic Skywalker soap opera."

The most shocking thing The Oregonian noted was that during one scene, Darth Vader slaughters all the Jedis' children with his light saber. I had to sit down when I read that line. Have we, as a nation, really sunk as low as to see the slaughtering of innocent children as "entertainment?!!!!"

"Young Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) completes his transformation into blackhearted villain Darth Vader with a bloodbath against old allies, the body count including a corridor of "youngling" corpses - Jedi children cut down by his light saber."

Is ANYONE concerned by this, besides me? Aren't we at war right now to protect our children from terrorism and "make the world safe for our children", yet we are spending millions of dollars a month in cinema fares to sit for 2+ hours and let George Lucas' twisted film pump pure gore and violence into not only the minds of us adults (which is bad enough) but into the eager and impressionable minds of our children?

The weekend box office reports immediately following the release of "Stars Wars: Episode III" will indeed prove how sunken and depraved the American culture has become.

I can only further prove how this "cinematic" violence is NOT just going "in one ear and out the other" for today's children. I am reading a book called "No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of the Juvenile Court System," by Edward Humes. It is amazing how obvious it becomes the further you get into the book that we DO NOT have the answer to the jaw-dropping jump of 175% in juvenile crime since the '60s.

We don't have the answer to help kids who have murdered at age 14. But I am pleading with you to not help kids, so close to my age, get one step closer to that fall-off point by buying them a ticket to "Star Wars: Episode III."

We must protect our minds, and those of our children by boycotting "Star Wars III." Otherwise, why even be in a war to prevent it from truly happening? I wonder how many people would be calling it "entertainment" then....

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

You're hired!!

Wahoo. Wahoo. Wahoo. :)

I got hired to teach 4th graders how to swim. It is so tiring but fun. I am teaching them from 8:30-2:00, Mon.-Fri., for four weeks at a local high school pool. It is good pay ($9.55/hr.) and I am grateful to God for it because I need to get a car.

Speaking of getting a car, I am FINALLY getting my license. I have to go in and do the knowledge half of the written and then I come back on the 13th for the driving test. I am psyched but kind of nervous, not about the knowledge test but the skills test. (Deep breaths.) Hahaha!!

My mom says that since we have just one family car, I can just use it for driving my two younger siblings to their events/practices. Fun, fun, fun. But my sister and I are getting a car together and we are pretty close to having enough money.

Well, I have to do some stuff before I go to yet another pool to teach MORE kids how to swim for yet another hour.

Yawn.......If anyone emails me don't expect a reply for at least two days.

(So this is what being a grown-up, with a steady job, feels like. Kind of.)