Sunday, September 25, 2005


By Rev. Ted Pike

Passage of Thought Crimes Bill Spells Doom to Free Talk Radio
In a surprising move, the House of Representatives on September 14, 2005 approved “The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2005,” HR2662, as an amendment to the Children’s Safety Act, HR3132. It was approved 223-199.

The Senate is expected to also approve a similar amendment within a month.

This federal legislation, orchestrated by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith will lead to creation of a vast anti-hate bureaucracy in America, similar to what now exists in Canada. In Canada it is a “hate crime” to publicly criticize such federally protected groups as homosexuals and Jews. In Canada free speech talk radio no longer exists. It is even illegal now in some areas to evangelize or “proselytize” in public.

HR2662, S1145, while ostensibly punishing only violent hate crimes, nevertheless creates an anti-hate bureaucracy through several means:

It breaks down all barriers between federal and states’ rights in law enforcement. It allows federal “thought police” to meddle, upon the flimsiest of pretexts, in states’ enforcement of civil rights laws.

It requires all states to pass and enforce ADL-style anti-hate laws.

It enforces nationwide the working ADL definition of “hate” as being “bias” against federally protected groups, such as homosexuals. Such automatically makes the Bible into “hate literature” and preaching from it into “hate speech.” Result: Bible-believing Christians become potential hate criminals.
The nation was aghast last October 10th when the ADL’s national executive board member, Lynne Abraham, D.A. of Philadelphia, arrested 11 Christians as hate criminals. Her charge: Their preaching was “biased” against homosexuals. They were “hate criminals” because they used an “instrument of crime” (a megaphone) to express “hate speech,” (Bible verses) against homosexuals.

If this “big brother legislation” becomes law, the ADL and federal government will, through enabling legislation and judicial precedents, be exponentially empowered to indict Christians. Pastors, talk show hosts, publishers, critics of Israel, etc. will be liable to arrest just like the Philadelphia Eleven.


Approval by the House last week does not mean that the members of the House or Senate, by granting approval, will have cast their final vote on this Orwellian legislation. Approving an amendment to a bill is not the same as passing a bill on its own terms. Final approval will come only after conference between the House and Senate decides whether this hate bill, in amendment form, should be included in passage of a children’s protection bill. Until then, members of the House and Senate are free to change their votes. It is vital that all lovers of freedom and free speech protest now!

Last spring, on June 15, this same legislation was approved by the Senate in amendment form. However, largely as a result of non-stop, wide publicity against it by the National Prayer Network, and many talk-show hosts, it was defeated in conference between the House and Senate on Oct 8, 2004. The same can happen again if Americans will raise a holy howl of protest against the theft of our First Amendment freedoms.


To protest to your members of Congress, call toll free 1-877-762-8762.

It is time to get educated fast on the dangers of hate crime legislation. Ted Pike’s gripping video documentary, “Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians,” (now available on DVD) will give you, your pastor, and your church or civic club a complete education on the origins and ambitions of hate laws worldwide.

Come to to order this video online at $24.90 postage paid or to read many more articles on hate laws.

Talk show hosts: It is time for another dynamic interview on this subject with Ted Pike. Call 503-631-3808.

NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P. O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Glitter and Glamour

I adore glitter and shiny sequins and silky fabrics with lace edging. Bright colors but not too bright or at least not all-over-brightness, with metal flower pins and big dangly earrings-yet all in moderation so as not to appear gaudy or old-womanish. (By old-womanish I am reffering to a dear old lady I met at the pool who never fails to arrive in skin-tight, polyester/spandex capris and and cleavage baring hot pink, white, or lime green tops, 'gracefully' covered with a loose smockish shirt.) But I diverge from my point.
What is the point? I guess I have been thinking about style a little more than usual lately as I near closer to my Cali trip. Oh, didn't I tell you? I am going to South Cali on Sunday for 6 days. I even made an attempt to highlight my hair but sadly it came out red. Make sure you make a point to look at my hair the next time you see it me; it is really quite funny. I think it must sound very shallow of me to be talking about fashion so much and doing extra things before I go to visit my multi-millionaire relatives and share beach space with tan, built surfer boys. So please do excuse me, this is just a very small part of my personality but I felt liking writing about it today.
Southern Cali is definitely all about glitz and glamour at least in the areas I will be visiting. I think that it will all seem rather excessive and repulsive to me though considering how much more mature I have grown to be since last time I visited SoCal and how much I hated it then.
We shall see.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am really really frustrated right now. One cause I just finished writing a really really good blog thingy and I accidentally erased and two, because, well read on...

I am really really really upset. It always surprise me to what great heights of emotion the human mind can go-from cloud nine to the pits of despair. (I am not quite there yet.) But I guess this is what life is-life is messy.

Life IS messy. Life is sometimes like a mirror that shatters into millions of pieces in front of you and you feel like you could never even begin to pick them all up and reassemble them into some kind of order. But I guess when we feel that way we need to remember that life is just that-a mirror and sometimes the greatest good in life comes when that mirror shatters and we stop seeing our reflection, our miseries, our issues, and we see the real deal and how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.

I need to remember that. I also need to remember that I should NEVER change for a guy or even attempt to because you will also fail in some way or feel unfulfilled because someone fits him and you shouldn't try to change who you are because you fit another guy you just haven't met yet. I guess what I am trying to say is I will never stop like celtic music, classical masterpieces, and poetry to a guy who doesn't even fully know who he is. The world is full of girls who will do that I don't need to join the army of trend-followers and insecure girls. I need to be strong in this because I will be a much better person with more ways to change the world I live in.

I am not a follower or a girl who just wants to get married, settle down and have kids. I want to change the world, help in some significant way. I just don't know how yet.

That is probably going to be a little scary to some guys but it doesn't mean I am letting go on my femininity- I am so proud to be a girl but I recoginize the need for strong, sincere, compassionate, godly women and I want to be one of them-like my mom and grandma before me.

I am not a follower.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"Lost and Freed!!!!"-by Me

(Written Jan. 2005)

This poem is my personal testimony. I didn't really want to put this private poem up but it may help others who have and are going through this to see the glorious light at the end of the tunnel. This poem is long and sort of dark at the beginning but it reflects the very hard struggle it took for me to come out into the sunlight with my Master. I have shed so many tears, but now I am living in joy and rest in Christ. This is the story of my life from around age 14 to now......


all around me the darkness reigns
i feel constricted by the silent miseries that surrounds me
i curl up into a ball
i try to think pretty, bright, sunny thoughts
the blackness overwhelmes them
i walk around on my tiptoes
i try not to disturb the other prisoners.

they are all curled up in little balls
trying to create worlds of their own
somehow we always fail
the dark never leaves us
we hear voices
whispering, speaking, shouting in our minds
we cry, we sob
we don't let anyone know of our inner torment
but we all know
we all feel the pain that exists when the sun doesn't run rise
when the darkness lift
when life seems to stop and we wait
in death-like stupors.

i can't find a way out
i can't find an escape from this black world
of pain and aloneness
i am alone
i am surrounded by others
but i am alone
we are all alone in our thoughts and paths of temporary escape
that always lead us to dead ends
i have no joy
i know not what elation is
i am always angry, alone, upset, heartbroken.

this world is like a labyrinth
we can't find a way out
the voices are leading us deeper and deeper
i try to shut them out
sometimes it works
but it always seems as if i run out of power
i cannot raise the sun
i cannot lighten my world on my own
i need help
but whose?

someone once told me about Someone who can brighten my night and keep it bright
Someone who is bigger and stronger than me
but to get His help, i have to give up my own will
my own struggling to grab and hold something that isn't there
i have to cry out for His hand and hold it with everything in me
because this change of leadership is going to hurt, a lot
i want to think about it
i want to weight the good and the bad
but as i try, the voices that are trying to drown me get louder
i can't ignore them anymore.

i raise my eyes from downcast to looking up
i am going to hang on really tight
i won't let go, i yell.

it is so painful but that must mean He is working
i already feel lighter in my heart
i realise that for the first time i am experiencing joy and pain-together
i can see now little fingers of light shooting out towards me
it is dark still but it is getting lighter
and i am no longer alone.

He is beside me holding my hand
in front of me leading me
behind me guarding me
beneath me bearing me up
i am no longer alone.

i have come out of the darkness into a beautiful land
i can see other people just like me
i recognize those who used to live on my right and on my left, in pain
now we are all free
we soar and we dart like birds
we are free
but not entirely
we know that we are powered by Him
we live in faith that He will never let go
but if i let go
i will fall, i will crash, i will die
i will NEVER let go
so help me, God!!!!!!

[I don't not have any caps but when I mention Christ-in the original form, i had everything on the left side of the page in a sort of art form. :)]