Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is this really what the world is like?

I am sitting in the library trying to tell you all about my week and this guy next to me keeps talking to me and asking me about the dates of fall term and summer term. Yes, I am being polite. He is quiet now....
I have a guy question and I need a guy to answer it...any takers? No, I am not going to ask my friendly computer neighbor. My question is: A married guy in my math class keeps saying little things that make me feel uncomfortable. He is like 3o-something and he keeps saying stuff like I am beautiful, etc., every SINGLE class. Last class he called me "honey!!!" That totally freaked me out. I need a body-guard.....
American Government is still swell (do we even use that adjective anymore?) but writing a page long memo every week about foreign policy is getting tough. On Tuesday I stayed up till midnight writing it because it was so hard to find an article to go off of.
Back to the library...I am sitting at those funky curved tables with the computers at them. Across from me is a guy who needs to shave, next to me on my right is Mr. Curious, and diagonal to me is a guy who practically has his finger in his eye and is wearing a hat that say "Dazed and Confused." He looks dazed....from what I do not know....
Well, I didn't bring any lunch and I am super hungry so I need to go to the cafeteria thingy...I will update soon.

Friday, January 20, 2006

School is going pretty awesome!!!

I have decided I do like my writing teacher. It just takes a little while to get used to her. My math teacher is as always funny and the two guys and girl I sit with are great people. My American Government class has been heating up...
Wednesday we were talking about free press. The teacher asked if anyone agreed that we had a free press. (One thing about my class is about five people talk and the rest of the class is practically asleep.) So I piped up, furiously swallowing my dominating fear of man's opinion and said, "No. We do not have a free press. We have a biased press." The teacher's eyebrows went up and he came over and sat on the table in front of my seat.
Mr. Reynolds, my teacher, has said many times that he wants discussion in class. Well, I was about to give him a facefull. :) He asked me what my opinion was and this is what was said (roughly):

"The Jews control the media." (Yikes!! What a starter. I have no idea if there are Jews in the room but fortunately I am in the front row so I just put little blinders on (so to speak.))

"Pardon me?"

"The Jews control the media and they have an agenda, therefore, they restrict those who have ideas that are contrary to their agenda." Surprisingly, another girl in my class seemed to know what I was talking about and mentioned a few corporations she knew were Jewish owned.
We talked about that a little more before talking about OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting.)

"So is that free press?"

"Absolutely not!" I said, "If you have ever watched any of their nature shows they never once mention the side of creationism yet push for evolution the entire time."

"It sounds to me like you are coming from a very religious foundation. That is okay-you can organize your life around religion if you want." He said something else I don't really remember before starting this sentence:

"I don't know of any serious scientist who doesn't believe in evolu...." I instantly raised my hand. He stopped and motioned for me to say what I wanted.

"Have you ever heard of the book 'In Six Days?' Because that book is made up of essays by 50 scientists, most of whom have Ph.D.'s and teach at prestigious universities around the nation, who have found scientific proof against evolution in numerous areas of study from mathematics to micro-biology. I just wanted to make you aware of that because it isn't quite true to say that no creation scientists exist."

At this point another student said, "Is this book speaking about creation or offering criticism of evolution? Because creationism is just a theory."

"So is evolution. No human being was present to see it happen therefore any idea of how the world was created is just a theory."

The teacher said something about fruit flies evolving to which I responded that that example is merely micro-evolution, although I didn't get the opportunity to explain what micro-evolution is.
This entire discussion was spaced throughout twenty minutes which is nearly half the class. Today I had Am. Gov. again and at the end Mr. Reynolds asked me if he had quite thoroughly offended me last class. I said he hadn't and the conversation was over.
So I have decided two things, well it is more like three:
  1. I love college.
  2. College is not about finally getting a date.
  3. College is about apologetics/defending what I sincerely believe.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I'm Back!!

Well, it has been way too long. But I am in college now and homework is eating me alive and it is just the first week. Crazy, right? I think the only reason it is really stressful is I have never had to do homework before. I mean I have at least 25-30 problems in Math 95 due tomorrow, 10 pages of reading in Writing 121 and a draft summary due Thursday. Fortunately, my American Government instructor was polite and refrained from giving out any homework. But he has two more days this week to do it.
Fortunately, next Monday is MLK Jr. Day so we have no school. Too bad it isn't in a few weeks when I'm really going to need the break.
I am at the college library right now and I just finished Writing 121. There were some really cute guys in my class. Speaking of cute guys, just about the most handsome guy I have ever seen is on the computer opposite me-wow! :) I know, I know, you're laughing..but he is!!
After I finish here I have to go to the pool, lifeguard for an hour, after which I have a break for an hour then I teach fo two hours. Then-homework!!!!!!
Oh yeah! I turned 18 last Sunday!! Wahoo!! Happy Birthday to me!!