Saturday, October 29, 2005

So discouraged....

I went with my friend to her church tonight. (I never did get to go on a hike.) It was depressing because they have NOTHING to offer us young people. We went to the high school/college meeting and a couple of times I kind of considered standing up and saying something but I didn't. It would have taken SO much guts to do that especially with what I had to say. But I wasn't lead and I didn't have anything specific to say because the Holy Spirit didn't lead me. But I feel lead now and I wrote a letter to their youth pastor which I am still working on and trying to get everything ironed out. So pray for me please.

9:01 AM-Anybody wanna go for a hike??

Today is wet but I really, really want to go for a hike. My mom wants me to paint my little brother's room but that is such a solitary, exhausting task. I want to be with people, specifically these people: Mark, Johnny, Harmony, Becki, and Marianne. But that won't happen cause Harmony is doing homework and Mark is going to hang with Freeman. Bummer. Well, I find something to do.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

While it's a victory, not much time to celebrate....


By Rev. Ted Pike

October 20th, in a stunning surprise, the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Senator Orrin Hatch, refused to pass S.1145, “The Local Law Enforcement Crime Prevention Act of 2005.”

Yet, Senator Edward Kennedy still intends to pass the hate crimes bill. He wants to reattach it to the new version of the Children’s Safety Act, “The Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act,” S.1086.

Although rebuffed by the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Kennedy is confident, considering the 65 to 33 vote in the Senate in June 2004, that S.1145 will easily be passed by the Senate as an attachment to S.1086.

In light of the pro-hate bill record of both House and Senate, Kennedy’s threat must be taken very seriously.

It is vital that all who cherish freedom do the following:

1. Come to for a list of the 55 Republican Senators who will soon decide the fate of freedom of speech. Call every Senator toll free at 1-888-355-3588 or toll at 1-202-225-3121. Tell them: “Please do not approve the hate bill S.1145 when Senator Kennedy reintroduces it in the Senate.”

2. Fax or email the attached flyer to all 55 Senators. Contact information is available at their websites through a link at

What happened yesterday in Judiciary was a tremendous victory, especially considering that pro-hate bill Senators outnumbered those opposed to it by 10 to 8. This is a direct result of a tidal wave of emails and phone calls that have gone to members of the Senate.

Yet, convincing the liberal Senate at large to reject S.1145 will be a very tough, uphill fight. We have had a first victory, but only by all of us doing our part, and with God’s help, can we win the upcoming battle in the Senate.


For the complete text of S.1145, with Rev. Ted Pike’s astute commentary, come to

TALK SHOW HOSTS: Rev. Ted Pike is available for interviews at 1-503-631-3808.

NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK, P. O. Box 828, Clackamas, OR 97015

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thanks!! (Ever so much!!)

In a little less than a month, I will have been blogging for one whole year! I just wanted to say thanks to you if you come to my blog in ANY regular pattern or at least more than once. I have 885 hits now which I think is pretty good considering how tiny and unimportant this blog is. :) If you have any comments, critical or complimentary of this blog, I would very much appreciate to hear from, that sounded so, so, I dunno-fake. But I really do truly mean it.

So-thanks!! I am very grateful for this outlet because even if no one else ever looked at it, I still feel compelled to add to it in order to cultivate my writing skills. :)

Monday, October 17, 2005

October Book Review

This month's fabulous book is "Life At The Extremes: The Science of Survival," by Frances Ashcroft. I give it 4 1/2 stars.

Pros: Very, very rich in evidence that easily proves intelligent design. Easy to read and fascinating. She has separated the book into several different sections such as extreme heat, cold, and pressure to name a few and then subdivided them into smaller segments. I mention this because this book was so captivating to me that I found it hard to put down at night and it was helpful to tell myself, "Just to the next heading." :)

Cons: While Ms. Ashcroft often headed each new section with a selection from the book of Psalms, she laced the entire rest of the book with little hints of evolution such as suggesting that some fact proved that humans evolved when it would actually strongly lead anyone with an open mind to the idea, nay, the fact of intelligent design. She may have been trying to strike a blow for Darwin's theory but she was really just seeming rather far-out and ridiculous.

Summary: I strongly suggest that anyone who is the least bit interested in science read this book and I even more firmly request that anyone who is a creationist/Christian read this book because it holds many, many wonderful truths that can be used against evolutionists in a debate.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I want to just get some thoughts out about Halloween, in regards to Christians. I found a really good website that has some really good articles on it. Here is a segment on Halloween that I thought was really good.

"Many Christian parents are concerned about what Halloween really is. We know that it is of Druidical origin which means that it was part of the Druid religion. In essence, Druidism is the worship of evil spirits, especially of druids who were believed to dwell in trees. There were priests in the Druid religion and like all pagan religions, Druidism revolved around the worship of evil spirits, and offerings to them to insure the welfare of the worshippers.


The name of the festival in early days (and it is still found in Ireland) meant "Satan's Watch." It was the night given over to Satan and his demons to work all the evil they wanted in the hope they would leave people unmolested the rest of the year. A fire was commonly kept burning on that night. The ghosts of the dead were dreaded and feared and men were thought to be restless in their graves because of something that happened in their life on earth. They were supposed to come back from the dead to take vengeance on those who were descended from people who had wronged them. People commonly locked themselves in their houses and spent the night in terror, letting the devil have his fling and do his worst.

Spiritualism and witchcraft is very real and we should not be providing our children with this opportunity for involvement. Many, if not all of our Halloween customs have their roots in these ancient beliefs. The witch on the broomstick and the jack-o-lantern are the symbols of Halloween. The witch, of course, is the personification of evil which is a substitute for Satan. The jack-o-lantern symbolizes the fire that was kept burning in the houses of those who feared Satan's worst. In fact the jack-o-lantern is always lit up (there is a fire there) so as to frighten away the devil.


Dressing up in costumes and "trick or treating" to the neighbors is a carry over of the idea of making an offering to Satan and to the spirits to appease them. "Trick or treating" is a modern form of saying "offering or revenge." The grotesque and horrible masks our young people wear making themselves look like skeletons, dead people, or horrible monsters are symbolizing Satan and inspiring fear to get an offering.

Satan likes Halloween celebrations because this is a glorification of evil. Most people naturally do not think of it in this way. We believe it is all done in fun. Is it wise to have our children dress up like the devil and have "fun" in a devilish form? Can this possibly please God? After all, Ephesians 6:2 tells us that we are in a spiritual battle against Satan and his demons when it says. "for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. When the Word of God teaches this, do you think it is right to celebrate a night given over to our enemy, Satan? When we poke fun and joke about the spirit world, we are encouraging ourselves and our children to believe that this doesn't really exist. When we allow our children to dress up like witches and ghosts we are allowing them to treat lightly what God treats seriously in His Word. Exodus 22:18, Deuteronomy 18:10, and several other scriptures tell us that this is wrong. Those who don't know about the origin and meaning of Halloween are feeding their own belief into the Word of God when they treat lightly and celebrate what God hates. Satan camouflages himself amidst fun and gaiety and gets people to belittle his power and activity among men or even completely deny it. It is a very clever trick of the enemy."